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Our Advantage

Choosing a sperm bank is a significant step that often affects the time it will take to conceive.
At CryoBankIsrael we uphold to the highest standard of quality and service aimed at making the entire process and simple and stress free for our clients.
Our Advantage:
   The largest and most diverse selection of Jewish donors
   (We even provide other sperm banks with our samples)

  Availability –

No waiting time. Our donors list includes only donors that have vials  available.

    Premium quality –

We guarantee a minimum of 12M motile sperm per vial meant for insemination.

    Extensive Donor Information –

We have an elaborate donor portfolio meant to help you choose the right donor while        maintaining our donor's anonymity (as required by law).

    Genetic testing of donors –

As of 2011 all donors have performed full genetic testing based on their origin (Ashkenazi, Sephardic etc). This service greatly decreases the chances of your baby developing a genetic disease.

    Reservation of vials for future use -

We offer purchase and storage of additional donor vials for future expansion of the family.

    Anonymity and Discretion –

We understand the sensitivity involved with sperm donation. We are constantly guided by looking after our clients and donors anonymity and discretion.

    Sperm Import  –

We work in close cooperation with the largest selection of sperm banks abroad and are experts on Import of frozen sperm. 

    Personal and professional service –

Becoming pregnant is a complex and emotional progress, which is why our team makes every effort to provide clients with the best possible service.

    Limit of donor sperm pregnancies –

We limit the number of pregnancies achieved from each of our donors to 12 Births.

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