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Our Donors

We understand the complexity of choosing an anonymous donor, and that's why we invest all we can in donor screening and approval. Of the dozens who wish to become donors, only few are chosen, which ensures quality sperm and excellent personal traits.

Despite our grueling screening process, we boast the widest and most varied selection of donors in Israel. Our Donor Profile is also the most extensive when compared to other sperm banks in the country.

Our sperm donors are selected according to the following criteria:


  1. Healthy individuals – physical and mental.
  2. Excellent sperm – The goal is to achieve pregnancy within the shortest time span possible, thus eliminating the pain and expense involved in each additional round of treatment.
  3. Outstanding personal traits – All of our older donors have academic or other forms of education, while the younger ones excel in fields such as athletics, music, or the military.
  4. Appealing physical traits – We set high standards for our donors' outward appearance.

Information about our donors:


We at CryoBankIsrael make sure to provide our clients with the most extensive donor information available in Israel.

Aside from basic characteristics such as appearance and occupation, we also elaborate on the donor's personality, hobbies, parental background, and other relevant experience and achievements. We are currently in the midst of a process that will expand this description by providing handwriting analysis, baby pictures and personality testing.

Genetic screening:


As of 2011 we are the only sperm bank in Israel to offer donors that have undergone complete genetic screening for known genetic diseases according to their origin, despite the fact that this is not required by the Health Ministry.

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