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The Process

How It Works:


Our goal at CryoBankIsrael is to make the process of purchasing sperm samples and becoming pregnant as easy as possible by striving for a minimal disruption of our clients' daily lives. 

The process varies slightly, depending on whether you are due for insemination or In Vitro Fertilisation. We recommend getting started about a month and a half before making your first attempt at conception.

Step by step:

  • Schedule a consultation meeting - The meeting is aimed at receiving an in-depth explanation about the process, review your medical background and genetic screening required, choose the type of procedure right for you (natural or assisted) and, of course, sign a few necessary documents.
  • Choose a donor - You will receive by email or hard copy our donor's catalogue. With the help of our team of experts, who know the donors well, you will be asked to make your choice. It worth mentioning that you should consider purchasing a number of samples before the first attempt at insemination is made, in case additional attempts are required to achieve pregnancy.
  • Track your ovulation - Together with your doctor and our advice, should you wish, you shall begin tracking your follicle development in order to plan an insemination schedule. If you are undergoing IVF, your unit of choice should perform this task.
  • Sperm Preparation – Just prior to the insemination the sample is thawed and prepared. This is a critical step in the process and requires an expert's touch.
  • Undergo insemination at the proper time according to your ovulation chart.
  • Wait, and hope, for some good news.


We recommend making use of all the advanced services we offer to our clients in order to cover these basic steps. However, tracking of ovulation and insemination may also be performed by your chosen IVF unit or fertility expert, depending on your preference.

Reasons to perform the entire process at CryoBankIsrael:


  1. Total synchrony between all of the necessary procedures (tracking, washing, and insemination).
  2. None of the logistic or bureaucratic complexity involved in removing the samples for transfer to a different clinic (and of course we operate according to the Health Ministry's guidelines). These may include filling out and filing of forms in order to receive permission to transport the sample, picking up the sample at the specific time required in order to perform insemination, obtaining the proper container in order to transport the frozen sample (though it can be rented from us), and much, much more…
  3. We will guarantee the quality of the sperm sample after it is washed. Our experienced lab technicians have the ability to make sure a certain number of motile sperm is contained in every specimen, but we cannot claim responsibility for any sample thawed and washed by a lab not under our control.
  4. Perhaps most important is our vow that the entire process will be performed by Dr. Ronen, one of Israel's leading fertility experts, former manager of three IVF units, and an expert in the process leading to conception.
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