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The decision to become a sperm donor is the right thing if you want to help people realize a dream in a unique and significant needs extra income reaches thousands of dollars to fulfill the dream of your own (overseas studies, vehicles, etc.).
Infertility Lminan are substantial percentage of the world population. Some of those who have been diagnosed with infertility have no choice but to rely on donor sperm donation in order to realize their dream of starting a family.
In addition to knowing you have made for someone the impossible achievable, be a contributor is a decision unbelievably rewarded and reaches thousands of dollars in aggregate net when we are paying the highest amount among donate sperm banks. All this while investing minimal time on your part.
Our contributors cruiser overall quality people and very diverse, outstanding students, doctoral students, veterans of elite units, art lovers, including people with great character.
Do you have the necessary be a contributor? Let's not try!
Prerequisite to Apply:

Age 21-30
Without medical history * (physically and mentally) nearest you or your family
Not married
No other donated sperm bank
Student University / college or a psychometric quality high
178 cm and above

* Including Riktzol

Send us an email to then call a phone 1-700-700-993 full discretion guaranteed.
Overall process is simple and does not require multi-time investment on the part of donors. Following are the main steps:

Testing seed - seed testing process begins designed to test whether your sperm is suitable to be a donor. Even a potential donor with normal sperm may not fit to be contributing because we require percentile sperm quality uppermost and examine the sperm's ability to recover unfrozen. One that is appropriate can progress to the next level.
Medical examination and personal interview - After you have passed the examination of seed, at the appropriate time you have an appointment with the medical director and other staff representative in order to pass on your health and maintain a personal interview impression of the character and personality as well as filling out questionnaires and other ingredients that allow the donor profiling. Everything is conducted under the protection of anonymity.
Blood testing all contribute to giving a blood sample for testing HIV, hepatitis, and other genetic survey. The results you obviously entitled to receive - good for you to know you are healthy.
Getting Raiser after blood tests can begin to make contributions. We offer compensation for any donation is the highest in the country. Our Donors must give a minimum of 20 contributions, and we encourage and ask to come in twice a ten days. Be the prevention of 48-72 hours before giving each sample.
A blood test Hozrt- Some diseases such as AIDS may lay the body but not diagnosed when making the first blood test early in the process. To ensure that donations given to health and clean diseases donor is required to perform the blood tests again 3 months after the end of giving donations.
Release packets to use - just after the second blood test and receiving answers we can offer the dishes use.

It is important to emphasize - we take seriously our control donors as well as preserving their anonymity. Our practices and encryption methods to protect the identity with donors through the process followed thus ensuring they have full peace of mind.
If you survived this far you're probably interested. Come on, we want you.
Send us an email to or phone call 1-700-700-993. Full discretion is guaranteed.

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